Hair stylist makes haircut enjoyable for boy with autism

The mother of a little boy with autism shared a touching post on Facebook last month that has quickly gone viral.

Jennifer McCafferty said taking her son, Isaiah, to get a haircut is not an easy task.

"He hates having anything near his ears, the sound of clippers sends him into a tailspin," McCafferty said. "This evening was no different."

McCafferty said she was at a Sports Clips in Charleston on December 29, about ready to give up, when a stylist went above and beyond to make the little boy feel comfortable.

"She sat on the floor with my baby in her lap, and she cut his hair," McCafferty said. "They talked about Dory and Christmas, and she even let him spray her with her water bottle."

McCafferty said the act of kindness did more for her heart than the woman will ever know.

"Autism can be so very, very hard, but people like this make our days just a little easier."

McCafferty's post has been shared more than 22,000 times and has more than 76,000 likes.

The stylist, Kaylen, replied to McCafferty's post, stating she was beyond happy she could make his experience less stressful and scary.

"He made my heart smile," she said. "You are so lucky to have such a wonderful little boy. This whole experience has been so humbling and heartwarming. I never knew what impact just doing my job could have on someone."

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