Gun show opening in Orange County this weekend amid Las Vegas shooting fallout

"We share the concern that everyone has about the irresponsible use of firearms," Bob Templeton, Crossroads of the West Gun Show owner, said.

The gun show, which is scheduled for Saturday and Sunday in Costa Mesa, is taking some heat after officials said some people complained to the fairgrounds that the show is just too close in timing to the mass shooting in Las Vegas.

"We considered postponing it, but we had people traveling in from all over the nation on their way to the show," Templeton said.

The show is expected to draw ten to twelve thousand people to the Orange County Fair Grounds over the weekend.

Vendors said there's always a boost in attendance when gun control enters the national debate.

"This weekend we're thinking is it going to be really good or really bad because we have no idea which way the public going to feel," one vendor said.

While guns and ammo will be available for purchase, Templeton said that customers won't find 'bump fire' stocks - the stock replacement the Las Vegas shooter used to make his guns simulate an automatic weapon. "Anyone who would bring something like that into the state of California to sell would be in serious legal jeopardy," he said.

Templeton said the situation in Las Vegas won't change how he operates this weekend. "We will vigilant for anybody that might have any devices that would be similar to the so called bump stock," he said.

Crossroads of the West Gun Show comes to the fair grounds five times per year and Templeton said his gun show follows all federal and state laws.

California has the most strict gun laws in the nation which is something gun control advocates are proud of.

"Gun shows are fine as long as we have universal background checks like we have in California," Charles Blek, Pres. Brady Campaign Orange County, said. "Gun shows are fine as long as the limit the size of the magazine to no more than 10 rounds like we have in California."

In several weeks Crossroads of the West is scheduled to have a gun show in Las Vegas, Templeton said it's possible that show will be cancelled.

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