Group of teens on e-bikes set off fireworks at Hermosa Beach Pier

Teenagers once again are wreaking havoc in South Bay communities. Recently, teens on e-bikes were seen setting off powerful fireworks in the middle of crowds in Hermosa Beach.

The latest incident happened Saturday, June 8, around 8:30 p.m. at the pier. 

Video shows teenagers riding e-bikes and setting off fireworks saying, "do it, do it. Throw it on the roof."

A few seconds later, someone lights and throws something on the ground.

"My ears were ringing, and I got disoriented," said John Fahmy, who shot the video.  

"The footage is not apparent that I was scared, but I was startled."

FOX 11 first reported on e-bikers terrorizing the South Bay last month.


"There's no doubt this was a very dangerous situation. People could have been seriously injured, but we had officers there immediately," said Hermosa Beach Police Chief Paul LeBaron.

The incident happened about a week after Hermosa Beach City Council passed an emergency ordinance regulating e-bikes. 

In this firework incident, police say they are already looking at a suspect.

"The person we believe is a juvenile, and we are working with that person's family right now," Chief LeBaron said. 

In terms of the e-bikes, Hermosa Beach Police have been posting videos of increased enforcement saying, "We are absolutely paying attention to the fact that there are kids that are doing bad things with a technology that is far more advanced than they are capable of handling."