Grandma’s reaction to surprise KFC delivery from granddaughter is everything

One grandma in the United Kingdom got the most finger-licking good surprise and her reaction is the wholesome content you needed to see today.

Eliza Walker, of Ipswich, U.K., decided to surprise her grandma with a delicious and socially distanced delivery of Kentucky Fried Chicken. Walker dropped off the food at her grandma's doorstep and sat back to enjoy the reaction that followed.

In the video, posted on Walker’s Twitter account, her grandma opened the door and looked down at her parcel with absolute delight on her face: Someone got KFC. 

Walker’s grandma appeared to be overwhelmed with happiness in the video before picking up the bag of fast food and clutching it tightly in her arms.

“It’s the little things that make you smile. After queuing over an hour at KFC it was worth seeing my Nan’s little face,” Walker tweeted.

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