Governor Rick Scott: 'This is all about getting more jobs for Florida'

"This is all about getting more jobs for Florida," Governor Rick Scott, (R) Florida, said as he got straight to the point about the purpose of his California trip.

The Florida governor, speaking at a convention in Beverly Hills, said he would hold one-on-one meetings with more than a dozen California businesses to try and lure them to his state.

"I want companies to move to Florida I want families to move to Florida, we have job openings in our state," Scott said.

He is running a series of radio ads with the group "Enterprise Florida," in which a woman's voice speaks on California's new minimum wage requirements.

"Seven-hundred thousand - that's how many California jobs will be lost thanks to the politicians raising the minimum wage," the ad said.

Governor Jerry Brown, who signed the minimum wage increase into law, wrote a scathing letter to Scott that reads in part, "Rick, a fact you'd like to ignore: California is the 7th largest economic power in the world. We're competing with nations like Brazil and France, not states like Florida."

"California is making it very difficult to compete with your higher taxes, more regulation the latest is raising the minimum wage," Scott said in response.

California's minimum wage will gradually increase to $15 an hour, while Florida's minimum wage stands at just over $8 an hour.

Scott's group predicts that California businesses that can't afford the increase will lay off workers.

"The minimum wage hike hurts the same people it was supposed to help - it's time to leave California," the radio advertisement said.

California is a hunting ground for governors to steal businesses away, according to Gary Toebben with the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce.

But he doesn't think Scott's trip will have much success.

"The likelihood of businesses picking up and moving three thousand miles to Florida is probably very small," Toebben said.

Scott will continue his trip in Northern California on Tuesday where he will pitch more businesses.

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