25 years of Google: The most searched people, places and things of all time

Google is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, and is sharing insight into the most searched people, places and things of all time. 

Google shared a video that highlights the icons over the years, saying, "Around the world, we're often inspired by the same moments and seek the same answers."

The film also shows several viral moments and videos you’re sure to remember over the years as well. 

Google also dropped a game to commemorate the anniversary, The Most Searched Playground. Think of a Where’s Waldo? interactive puzzle, where you’re on the lookout for 25 of the most-searched people, places and trends. 

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But if you don’t have time to play the game, or just want to read the highlights, here’s a look at what topped the lists: 

Most searched people

  • Cristiano Ronaldo, most searched athlete 
  • Lebron James, most searched MVP
  • Taylor Swift, most searched songwriter
  • BTS, most searched boy band 
  • The Beatles, most searched rock band
  • The cast of the Harry Potter films, most searched cast 
  • Ariel, most searched fictional princess

Most searched places

  • Eiffel Tower, most searched landmark. Followed by the Colosseum and Buckingham Palace 
  • New York City, most searched city. Followed by London, Paris, Madrid and Hong Kong 

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Most searched things

  • Soccer, most searched sport
  • Barbie, most searched toy 
  • Air Jordan, most searched sneaker
  • Chinese cuisine, most searched cuisine
  • Heart emoji, most searched emoji
  • Bob haircut, most searched haircut 
  • Leo, most searched astrological sign 
  • Minecraft, most searched video game
  • 1980s, most searched decade
  • Beyonce’s Coachella performance, most searched performance 
  • Spongebob, most searched cartoon 

This story was reported from Detroit.