Good Samaritan saves woman from being raped in Santa Ana

Good Samaritan Taylor O'Neill says Monday afternoon he took a different route into work. Police say his decision to do so possibly saved a woman's life.

A pick up truck stopped in the middle of the alley leading to O'Neill's job kept him from getting to work Monday afternoon so he says he honked his horn to get the driver attention. When that didn't work, he got out the car to ask the driver to move and what he saw, he never expected.

"When I tapped on the window she looked up and I could see the duct tape on her face and the fear in her eyes," said O'Neill.

Santa Ana Police say O'Neill's tap at the window interrupted an attempted rape in progress. The 28 year old woman, who was being attacked, was able to jump out the pick up truck.

"As soon as I walked up, knocked on the window, she had her mouth duct tapped and he was on he was on top of her in the passenger seat" O'Neill is heard telling a 911 operator during a recording of the call he made to police.

Police say 27 year old Jorge Alejandro Cruz de Armas offered his victim, who was walking on 1st and Main Street, a ride to Wells Fargo in his truck. Instead of taking her to the bank, he took her to the alley between Palm and 4th Street. Police say he placed duct tape on her mouth and tried to rape her. It wasn't just O'Neill's knock on the window that stopped the suspect.

"I had my phone in my left hand and I was able to open up my camera and take photos of his license plate as he drove off and I immediately called 911."

"He provided us with information and that's why this individual is in custody, said Anthony Bertagna with the Santa Ana Police Department.

Police arrested Cruz de Armas for assault with intent to commit rape and other charges. They believe he has more victims and they're asking anyone with information to contact Santa Ana Police Department.