Garcetti authorizes shut down of utility services at party house in Hollywood Hills

Mayor Eric Garcetti has authorized the shutoff of utilities at a home in the Hollywood Hills where several large parties were held in violation of the city's COVID-19 social distancing orders.

Garcetti said the city's action comes after multiple warnings from law enforcement were issued.

The property is the rental home of TikTok influencer Bryce Hall. Several notices have been posted on the property.

One neighbor told FOX 11 that the parties are chaotic, cause a nuisance and explained that a guy was pulled out at the last party. 

“I’m stoked on it, it might be encroaching on some people’s rights, but they just rent random houses across the city and throw parties.”

“The whole road was blocked, hundreds of kids, it was crazy, underage getting wasted, freaking out not knowing how to handle themselves, racing cars up and down, slamming each other on the ground, punching each other in the face, I mean it was entertaining but that’s not what we want at 3 a.m. trying to sleep,” the neighbor said.

However, another neighbor disagrees; saying he thinks the city’s move is unconstitutional.

At least three homes that hosted large parties have been referred by the LAPD to the mayor's office for possible utility disconnection.

According to the notices posted here at the property the only way to get utilities turned back on is to call or email the city and file an appeal. The city will then make a decision based on the facts of the case.

On Aug. 5, during a press conference  Garcetti announced that he would authorize the Department of Water & Power to shut off utilities to homes and businesses that host "egregious" gatherings amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

His announcement came a day after a woman was killed and several others were injured during a shooting at a mansion party in Beverly Crest.

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LA mayor orders DWP to shut off services to houses, businesses that host large parties

He says most people attending these large parties are ignoring COVID-19 guidelines by not wearing masks and not physically distancing themselves from others. 

Since his announcement, the Los Angeles Police Department responded to complaints of noisy gatherings and issued citations at over a dozen homes. The hosts received warnings that their water and power may be cut if they continue to have parties.

This enforcement is not focused on small or ordinary gatherings at people’s homes.