FOX 11 News In Depth: Meet California's youngest female mayor ever & remembering '41'

A very interesting show this week with two fascinating women. Joanne Drake brings us her perspective of former President George Herbert Walker Bush having worked with him while Tara Campbell joins us to talk about becoming the youngest female Mayor in California history. She was sworn in Tuesday night at the Yorba Linda City Council meeting.


Joanne Drake used to work as Chief of Staff for Nancy Reagan and President Reagan after they left the White House. She worked in the Reagan White House in the advance team and worked with both Reagan and VP/Pres George H W Bush.

Drake is also the CAO of the Ronald Reagan Library in Simi Valley. In this first segment she discusses the legacy of President Bush and how he and Reagan worked together in their time leading the government.


Tara Campbell is 25 years old and, now, the youngest female Mayor ever in California history. She talks about her plans and hopes as she leads her community of Yorba Linda into the future. She also discusses the impact of so many women entering politics.


Joanne Drake returns to discuss the new Ronald Reagan Hologram exhibit at the Reagan Library. It's interesting how they did it and the result as we watch and listen to the President in this new display.


Looking ahead to next week and our weekly podcast, What The Hal?