FOX 11 Archives: Happy Birthday, Mick

Rolling Stones rocker Mick Jagger, clearly gathering no moss, is celebrating his 72 nd birthday. Thirteen years ago, the Stones played L.A.'s Wiltern Theatre. A friend of mine, a musician who came to this country in 1965 as part of the British Invasion, once opened for the famed band. He was among those who greeted the rock legend at the Wiltern.

"Getting a few wrinkles, eh Mick?" he kidded.

"These aren't wrinkles, mate. They're laugh lines," Jagger replied.

My friend, in a way so typical of the British, came back with, "Nothing could be that funny."

I've included a clip of Jagger walking the Fashion Week red carpet the night before the Stones' Wiltern concert. Wrinkles or laugh lines, the guy's still rockin'.