Fort Worth toddler dies after falling off third-floor balcony

A 3-year-old toddler died on Wednesday after falling off a third-floor apartment balcony in East Fort Worth.

The incident happened at the Post Oak East Apartments Wednesday afternoon around 4:30 p.m. The fire department says the 3-year-old boy was only left unsupervised for a few seconds before he went over the railing from a third-floor apartment.

Neighbors say they heard screams for help from the child's father.

"The father kept screaming and then they poured cold water on him so he would calm down," recalled witness Caline Kibugu.

The Fort Worth Fire Department says the child was being watched by his grandmother when he fell. From what police know so far, they believe the incident was nothing more than a tragic accident but continue to investigate to see if any criminal charges will be filed.

"You could see her pain. She kept going on the ground. She kept calling on God to help her like do a miracle," Kibugu recalled.

Bystanders tried to help before first responders got there but could not revive the boy.

"I ran to see what is going on. That's how I found the dad was holding the baby, crying," recalled witness Monique Nyinawingeai. "I said let's put the baby on the floor so we can do CPR. I didn't look because of shock, the blood."

SKY 4 video shows firefighters and police responding to the scene. They found the boy in cardiac arrest with severe trauma. Firefighters say the children's grandmother was putting one child to bed leaving two others unattended for only a matter of seconds.

Neighbors say they frequently saw the boy who was killed playing out on the balcony on the table.

"I kind of knew it was that boy because he's always up there," said neighbor Armani Brown

The tragedy resonated with parents throughout the area.

As a mother of six kids, it's too painful to see parents lose kids," said Nyinawingeai. "It's too painful."

Police say there were two adults inside the home at the time. At this point, they are not facing any charges. The toddler's identity has not been released.