Former teacher corrects letter from the White House and sends it back

An Atlanta woman who wrote a letter to President Trump was shocked when she received a response. Yvonne Mason said it had the White House seal at the top and President Donald Trump's signature at the bottom. Mason said she was also stunned when she saw numerous grammatical errors.

Mason is a retired English teacher. She said she didn't think twice about grabbing her highlighter and correcting the mistakes.

"The thing that got me most was the capitalization. Just random capitalization. If spell check and Microsoft Word wants to correct you, you should let it," said Mason.

The letter was in response to correspondence Mason sent to President Trump after the school shootings in Parkland, Florida. Mason wanted the President to pay a visit to the families of the victims.

Mason said she doesn't believe President Trump actually wrote the letter; she assumed it was a form letter sent by a staff member. She said that's no excuse for grammar gaffes.

"It is official correspondence from the highest office in the United States and I think it should be better. I think the people who work for him could have done a better job," said Mason.

Mason mailed the letter back to the White House with the corrections, but not before she posted a photo of it on her Facebook page. Thousands of people commented on her post. Some people supported her passion for the written word, others were quite critical.

"They were very personal, vitriolic, caustic. Some comments I've gotten about me being a liberal, a Democrat, about my personal appearance, that I'm a 'snowflake.' You're the one's whining about the letter!" said Mason.

Mason said while she is not a supporter of President Trump, she still would have critiqued the letter if a Democrat was in the White House.

"I believe deep in my heart I would have, and again, I would have said you are not serving your administration well by continuing to send this kind of correspondence," said Mason.