Former Governor Jesse Ventura: Trump has no business being Commander-in-chief

He is the former Governor of Minnesota, former pro wrestler, and current critic of the Trump administration.

In a wide-ranging interview with Elex Michaelson of FOX 11’s The Issue Is, the Governor says much of what we saw from then-candidate Donald Trump in 2016 came right out of his own playbook. Rallies instead of fundraisers.
Governor Ventura says at one point the two were friends-- but now says he views President Trump as the “con man President."

Ventura says his opinion is formed by his time in the military and as a veteran. “He’s now the Commander In Chief of all the military. He couldn’t even do one day of boot camp”.
“The first night at boot camp there’s one person there who will break down, wet their pants, cry for their mom, and throw tantrums. The authorities will come in in the middle of the night and remove that person. You’ll never hear or see--you’ll never know what happened to that person. Donald Trump would have been that person.”
Jesse Ventura currently hosts a show called “The World According to Jesse” on RT America and recently published a book called “Jesse Ventura’s Marijuana Manifesto”. You can see the entire conversation with former Governor Jesse Ventura — talking about politics, pot, wrestling, and whether or not he has one more big political race in him, Friday, September 27 on The Issue Is airing at 10:30pm on FOX 11 Los Angeles