Floodwaters overtake US Highway 183 prompting water rescue

AUSTIN, Texas-- Highway U.S. 183 became a raging river Friday morning. Several central Texas drivers found themselves trapped and in need of rescue.

As the FOX 7 news unit crossed over US 183 at Highway 71 early Friday, drivers could be seen trying to escape rapidly rising water. Within minutes, the highway would be fully immersed and so would any remaining vehicles.

Driver Hilton Knox describes what it was like to be behind the wheel at that moment.

"I saw the water and I saw the cars going the wrong direction, and I lost track of where the road was so rather than take a chance, I just stopped and the water came up so fast," Knox said.

Luckily for Knox, police were already on the roadway working an accident when the flood hit. Video was recorded by FOX 7 crews of Knox's rescue.

-- Noelle Newton (@NoelleonFOX7) October 30, 2015

"They had to run a rope out and they brought me up for flotation device just in case," Knox said. "It was touching-go for a moment there. I didn't realize the current is so strong. I weigh over 200 pounds and it was about to wash me off. If it wasn't for the line, I probably would've washed on down the creek, but thank God we have people out here who know what they're doing."

Carl Von Ehren was also trapped.

"I was driving and suddenly the car in front of me stopped and then the water started rushing in the, my car and the engine stopped and that's when I got flooded," said Von Ehren. But unlike Knox, for Von Ehren the escape was fairly simple. "The police came. They opened the door and I got out."

Just as quickly as the water rose, it disappeared-- exposing a more recognizable 183. With more rain in the forecast, Von Ehren will be hesitant to get on the road again.

"Next time stay home and watch the weather," Von Ehren said.

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