Five oldest siblings in the world live in Georgia

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Five siblings will be honored in Pike County this weekend for holding the Guinness World Record of having the highest combined age, making them the oldest five siblings in the world.

Helen Mae Mangham, 102, Rosalee Mangham King, 101, Grace Mangham Ward, 99, William Decatur "W.D." Mangham, 96, and Essie "Virginia" Brooks, 92, have a combined age of 490 years old.

According to the Pike County Journal-Reporter, the brother and four sisters were all born to the same parents, Essie Bankston Mangham and James "Bud" William Mangham. The family grew up in Pike County, where the four sisters still remain. W.D. Mangham is the only sibling who doesn't live in Lifsey Springs but lives nearby in Meriwether County.

The siblings all credit their faith in God for getting them through their long lives.

"I've been through a good bit physically but the Lord healed me and I'm still able to walk. I broke both hips, got cancer, but the Lord brought me through it," eldest sister Helen told the Pike County Journal-Reporter. "I live by faith in the Lord. If it wasn't for the Lord, I wouldn't still be here."

The siblings will be recognized on Sunday, June 10, from 3 to 5 p.m. at Beulah Baptist Church. At the celebration, they'll receive their Guinness World Record certificates.

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