Fire truck named after baby abandoned at station

The firefighters at Lake County Fire Rescue have named one of their trucks "Colleen," in honor of a Safe Haven baby dropped off at the firehouse in 2006.

"A car pulls up in the driveway, so I stepped outside and met the car and this young lady just walked up and handed me a baby carriage, and it was a little girl sleeping," explained Battalion Chief Dan Miller. "I took the baby back inside; we had her transported to the hospital, and the rest is history."

Colleen would later be adopted to a loving family who has since sent holiday cards to the station each year.

"We can't imagine life without her," said Colleen's adoptive mother Lara Katich. "We got her since she was two weeks old, and she's just a blessing every single day."

Colleen and her family were present at the dedication of the truck on Friday and were reunited with Miller, who was on duty when she was delivered to Station 112.

"She's grown into a beautiful little girl. She's full of life. Every time I've seen her a couple times since then, she brightens up the room when she comes in," said Fire Chief Jim Dickerson.