Father and son warm hearts with gibberish conversation

One father might not know what his 19-month-old son is saying, but he seems to know what he means.

We spoke to DJ Pryor as his 19-month-old son Kingston ended up in a full on conversation about the FOX show "Empire." The video has been seen more than 50 million times online.

"It resonates with people everywhere! It doesn't matter what race or creed you are," he told FOX 11's Elex Michaelson.

Pryor is a comedian and actor who is happy to share the spotlight with his little boy. He says, "I never thought I would be the straight guy to my son!"

His big takeaway?

"I just want the takeaway for people to be that there are dads out there doing the right thing. That's not a bragging moment for me, as much as it is for all the great fathers that's doing what they're doing for their kids."

The Clarksville child's words are mostly gibberish as the pair talk on the couch. Pryor's wife recorded the moment about a month ago, after they watched the season finale of "Empire." But, she posted the video on Facebook earlier this week and it racked up more than one million views.

The father says his son appeared to be inspired by the television show and he simply filled in the blanks with what he thought the boy might be saying.

He says he plans to use the conversation in his future stand-up comedy routines.