'Chucky' star Ed Gale still on streets despite admitting to meeting teens for sex

When actor Ed Gale was captured on camera admitting to sexting a 14-year-old boy – allegedly with the intent to meet for sex – some of his former fans weren’t the least bit surprised. 

"I was just happy to see him get caught," says New York resident Jonathan. 

Jonathan was a minor when he first saw the 1988 horror movie Child’s Play.

Ed Gale was the actor playing Chucky. 

"It got really weird, and I was put in a situation where I didn’t know what to do because this horror character that I grew up loving is now trying to hit on me," Jonathan said.

Jonathan says he was just a fan of Gale’s work. Still, through a social media account, Jonathan says the actor began pressuring him for a sexual relationship. 

"He started calling me his baby boy, and he would say he wanted to be my daddy and stuff like that," Jonathan said.

It was simply too much for Jonathan, who was just a teen. So he stopped communicating with the actor and he set up an Instagram account to warn other Chucky fans.

When the child-activist group known as the Creep Catching Unit confronted Gale during a sting operation, the actor wouldn’t stop incriminating himself. 

"I tried to get a naked picture from him, yes," he said.

The activists say Gale thought he had been communicating with a 14-year-old boy, but it was a decoy from the CC Unit. 

With all the information from Gale himself, you may wonder why he hasn’t been arrested.  

"The important question is what his intent was, and if he took steps to affect that intent to make that intent a reality, that is a crime," says attorney Samuel Dordulian, a former LA County prosecutor. 

Dordulian says the investigation into this type of case can be lengthy. However, he believes it’s only a matter of time before Gale is arrested. 

"The forensics on the electronic devices takes some time, especially if it’s encrypted. There could be many other victims, and they’re trying to put it all together," Dordulian said.

USC Clinical Professor Annalise Enrile notes that individuals who engage in this behavior often have narcissistic tendencies and try to justify their actions to themselves. Perhaps, that is why Gale freely admits to what he’s done.

"They’re just really trying to convince themselves and defend their position," Enrile said.

The LAPD is investigating Gale’s social media accounts. The detective on the case says once the investigation is completed, the case will be turned over to the LA County District Attorney.