Family of three-year-old caught in gunfire asks for suspect to surrender

Franklin Pon Ros's family filled a Compton parking lot where a Saturday night shootout ended in tragedy, taking the life of the three year old.

"This boy means everything, not just to me but to his family, we want peace and justice," said his godmother Elizabeth Sang.

Nearly three dozen loved ones trekked from San Diego, bringing star-shaped balloons in his favorite green color to leave with a growing memorial of candles and stuffed animals.

Through their pain, they managed to get out the words asking L.A. Sheriff Deputies to arrest the boy's mother's boyfriend.

"The guy shot the fire first," said the boy's father, Richard Ros.

Nate's Liquor surveillance video captures him here. The child and his mom were inside the white sedan.

At one point, video shows him shooting toward this dark sedan where deputies say Dwayne Christopher Ward, was sitting.

Ward shoots back, and that's when deputies believe young Franklin was hit and killed.

"At first I didn't believe it and I felt it, everything just went down hill," said Ros.

Ward surrendered to Deputies Monday

But the father, believes his son would still be alive if the mother's boyfriend hadn't fired.

"Whoever was involved, they need to turn themselves in," said Ros.

Deputies tell us they are still looking for more witnesses.

It's unclear if the mother's boyfriend will be charged

Activists plan protesting if there are no new arrests.

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