Fallen Firefighter Remembered

Comforting each other in a small room at the Long Beach Convention Center a half a dozen people gathered to talk about Dave Rosa - the Long Beach Fire Captain killed by gunfire when answering a fire call.

They weren't here to talk about the bad that happened to him… but, the good he brought with him whether at work… with friends… and the family he loved so much.

Friend Cori Armstrong said: "He was selfless. He put everyone else first and he would set something aside to take care of it at that moment if he needed it. He's such a good man."

His cousin Craig Wilson said he was passionate about firefighting and that, "Dave set his sights on being a fireman early in his life and pursued it diligently thru the EMT program… thru paramedics."

His brothers in the Fire Service called him a natural leader, a man of strong moral value… and a guy who naturally lit up a room. Said fellow firefighter Josh Hogan, "I think Dave was just so full of joy that he wanted others to be as happy as him and a way he accomplished that was with his humor. He made us laugh everyday."

And, he was fun and serious at San Juan Capistrano Little League where he coached and served as an umpire. Funny story... Cori Armstrong said he hated people spitting sunflower seeds. In fact, at little league..."He had a no seed policy instituted and told us at the snack bar we couldn't sell them anymore which really upset people. And, then he went a step further and had placards made that went right in front of the bleachers on every field saying "no seeds", but that's how dave was." She smiled.

Long Beach Fire Captain Dave Rosa... his friends say he brought light, humor and joy into a room and he will be missed.