Fake PSA Warns About the Dangers of Lip Syncing and Driving

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After seeing dozens of videos popping up online showcasing people dancing and singing in their cars, Australian video makers the Van Vuuren brothers and Skit Box, an all girl comedy group have come up with a creative, albeit fake, public service announcement against Lip-Syncing and Driving.

The minute long video features girls from SketchShe who have had several of their other lip-syncing videos go viral. The trio of car bound women are dancing along to Taylor Swifts 'Bad Blood' when their car is all of a sudden hit by another car. Then we see the cryptic message 'Don't Lip-sync and Drive.'

It would be pretty effective for a PSA if it weren't fake. But despite the comedic undertones, it is a gruesome reminder of the dangers of distracted driving. Well done!