Elias Whitaker: DJ Goonie talks the death of Kid Cali

Police are still trying to figure out who killed a rapper at a pool party in Granada Hills over the weekend. Hundreds of people attended, including rapper Kid Cali. As the party was winding down, someone with a gun came up to Kid Cali and shot him. He later died at a hospital, and two others were injured.

Many people ran from that house when the shooting began, and not a lot of witnesses have actually come forward at this point.

Kid Cali went to the party with Elias Whitaker "DJ Goonie", who was hired for the party, and he joined us on Good Day LA Tuesday morning.

Whitaker says, "It's really kinda hard to say what happened. There was so many people there, so many invited and uninvited guests. As the party was winding down, I was about 2 songs away from ending the whole party, and that's when I heard what sounded like fireworks at first, like 2 shots. And then right after that it was repeated. It just kept going."

He witnessed Kid Cali when he was down, and he spoke to him. "He was laying there with his hands up, kinda like he was dusting himself off. He probably just fell, got dirty. He's probably mad about messing up his outfit. And when I walked over there, he started moving, saying 'I'm hit! I'm hit! But I'm ok. I'm ok I'm good. I'm gonna live.'"

There were a few friends surrounding him shortly after, and Whitaker stayed there by his side, trying to calm everyone down. Kid Cali said he was having a hard time breathing, but reassured everyone he was ok--even started talking about a mixtape.

Whitaker can't imagine who would want to harm him. He says when you're doing music, it's hard to tell who dislikes you. There hasn't been any previous altercations with other people that Whitaker was aware of. He was asked to DJ the party because they knew he could bring a crowd. He didn't promote it publicly, only sending personal invites to some friends on Instagram, but somehow word got out about the party, and it got out of control with so many uninvited guests.

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