East L.A. student's 'racist promposal' sets off firestorm of anger

A high school senior's prom invitation has created an uproar around East L.A., sparking racial accusations.

A Garfield High School senior stands smiling and holding a posterboard that reads, "Do you want to be like a n****r and hang at prom?" with a drawing of a figure hanging from a tree.

Pictures and video of the incident taken by her peers and widely shared on social media were part of the student's "prom-proposal," an invitation to the Junior-Senior prom in two weeks.

Some classmates say this Bulldog Senior took it too far.

"It was wrong. She brought the school down and she just wanted attention for it," said a freshman, whose identity we're protecting.

"To me, it wasn't funny at all. It was pretty disrespectful," said her classmate.

In response to the incident, Garfield's Principal sent this message to the school community that says in part:

"We are deeply disturbed by this incident and we remain committed to educating our students about race relations, diversity and the important values of tolerance and inclusion."