Earthquake preparedness following Ridgecrest quake

After Thursday's 6.4-magnitude earthquake struck the Ridgecrest region, the question now for us all is how prepared are you for the next quake?

Fox 11's Hal Eisner went to Canoga Park to find out.

Gio Paguero works at Home Depot where they sell earthquake kits.

"It has a lot of things that you're probably going to need if an earthquake does happen," said Paguero. "Then, we also have respiratory masks in case anything happens and then also batteries."

$39 bucks to get everything from ponchos to dried food and sticks that glow in the dark to flashlights, lanterns and safety straps.

But, interestingly, this New Yorker who's never been thru a quake like what we felt doesn't have earthquake supplies at home for his family. He felt the quake as he was about to head into work.

Estella Gonzales survived a massive quake some years back in the Philippines and used to keep earthquake supplies, but because we haven't had any big ones she hasn't worried about it.

Rosa picked up a little power station that has a radio and flashlight to have it available.

Despite it all, the Assistant Manager told Fox 11's Hal Eisner very few people came into the store to buy anything earthquake related.