DIY slime project burns 11-year-old girl, family says

A Massachusetts family is alerting others about the dangers of do-it-yourself homemade slime after their 11-year-old daughter suffered second- and third-degree burns on her hands. According to her doctors, the burns are the result of prolonged exposure to one of the recipe's key ingredients.

The young girl named Kathleen Quinn reportedly was making the slime on a daily basis, suffered the injury while staying over at a friend's house. "It felt really hot and tingly," said the young girl. Quinn's mother said by the time they picked the girl up from her friend's house the following morning, she was crying in pain and her hands were covered in blisters.

Quinn's "slime" creations included Borax One as a key ingredient. Doctors believe this was the cause of her injuries. She was rushed to the hospital where doctors diagnosed her blistered hands and second and third-degree burns. "You must have to really read the packages and know what you're mixing because there are certain things in the home that are just dangerous," said Quinn's doctor. Her message to other kids is "don't make it, don't play with it."