Disneyland enacts stroller restrictions and eliminates smoking areas

Disneyland has banned strollers wider than 31-inches and children's push wagons used throughout the resort in an effort to control crowding, particularly when the theme parks opens its Star Wars land later this year.

Visitors can measure their strollers outside security screening areas to ensure they meet the new restrictions. For those that don't, the park rents regulation-sized strollers for $15 a day.

The theme park also nixed their designated smoking areas to clear walkways and improve traffic flow. The move reportedly makes Disneyland and California Adventure Park smoke-free for the first time in the resort's history.

Visitors wishing to smoke will have to either use the smoking areas near the three resort hotels or go to open areas beyond the security screeners near the edges of the resort.

The new restrictions, which were announced in March, join a series of policy changes and park upgrades at the Anaheim resort ahead of its May 31, 2019 opening of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge -- the biggest expansion in the park's history coming in at a cost of approximately $1 billion.

For the first three weeks after opening, only visitors with reservations will be allowed into the Star Wars land. Guests at the three resort hotels during those three weeks will automatically receive reservations. Everyone else can make no-cost reservations online.

CNS contributed to this report