Internet shares allegations of witnessing Disney guests pooping while waiting in lines

Many of us have heard stories about peeing in pools, but according to Disney parkgoers, there are visitors allegedly pooping while waiting in lines. Yes, we're talking squatting right on the floor, allegedly.

The stories – first shared on the WaltDisneyWorld subreddit, then later aggregated by – ranged from parents allegedly letting their kid take a dump in public to a different kid's poop allegedly showing up at an Epcot splash pad.

In the Reddit thread titled "Weird stuff," one park visitor claimed a kid took a dump on the floor while waiting in line at the "Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance" ride – and the family left it there. Another visitor chimed in, saying they saw two other "****-related" incidents at that particular line. 

In a different Reddit thread titled "The most disturbing thing you’ve seen at the hotels or parks?", a user shared a story during her trip to Disney's Typhoon Lagoon water park in Florida where a group of boys allegedly "Gathered in a circle in the shallow end" of the pool.

"They all pulled down their trunks and pooped in the water together like some kind of horrible ceremony," said the user.

FOX 11 sent an email request to Disney regarding the internet poop stories allegedly taking place at the theme parks, but the entertainment company could not be reached for comment prior to publication. In the meantime, those planning on visiting its parks can check out the park bathroom maps by clicking here. That way, hopefully, no one from the group will come close to re-enacting the alleged human waste horror stories mentioned by the social media users.