Devoted husband donates kidney to save his wife's life

When Jenny Auito had kidney disease, her own brother Raymond stepped up to donate his kidney. But three years later, that kidney failed. After more than a year of looking for another donor, Jenny thought she might be out of luck.

"I had been so sick and tired and just… I was just ready to get my life back," she told Fox 2 Detroit.

Then, another donor stepped up: Jenny's husband, Dave.

Dave had insisted he would donate all along, but Jenny didn't think he would be a match. When they finally found out he was, he started preparing.

Dave began dieting and exercising, losing 55 pounds in the process.

"This whole thing might not only have just saved her life," he said. "It could've saved mine."

Last month, the couple prepped for surgery, and underwent the transplant. It was a success.

Today, Jenny and Dave are both healthy, thanks not only to Dave but to Raymond as well. Doctors say his donated kidney gave Jenny the time she desperately needed.