Dermatologist's 10 tips to protect your skin this summer

During the month of July, beach goers will be able to receive free skin cancer checks along the Los Angeles coastline thanks to Mr. Skin Mobile Van and Beverly Hills Dermatologist Dr. Tess Mauricio.

Mauricio is teaming up with Mr. Skin to help stop the fastest spreading cancer.

The van will hit the beaches of Santa Monica, Venice, Redondo, Manhattan and Hermosa to offer free full body skin exams. You can follow the exact whereabouts of the mobile van on Twitter.

Here are the doctor's top tips to protect your skin this summer:

1) Use sunscreen containing UVA, UVB protection, and, if you have any issues with discoloration, make sure you also protect against visible light . New data shows visible light sensitivity is important in skin conditions such as porphyria, hyperpigmentation and melasma so consider physical blockers such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide

2) Eat colorful fruits and veggies or take supplements such as Helioplus. Antioxidants used topically and orally have been shown to help protect skin cells from UV damage

3) Often forgotten areas that are important to protect (common for skin cancer) are ears, nose, hands and feet

4) Reapply often if you go in the water or sweat, there's no such thing as truly waterproof sunscreen

5) Use sunscreen w/a high SPF and apply a thick layer for better protection

6) Makeup with sunscreen adds protection and try tinted sunscreens if you don't want to look too pasty

7) Nothing beats covering up so consider finding fashionable sun protective clothing (ie wide brimmed hat, large sunglasses, cover ups, parasol)

8) The majority of sun damage occurs before we reach 18, even though and the negative effects manifest much later, so use sun protection for the whole family, especially kids

9) Seek shade whenever possible

10) Once you feel tingling or burning, the sunburn has already started so cool the skin asap w/soothing aloe vera gel and over the counter anti-inflammatory products like cortisone right away

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