Deaf rescue dog in running for world's longest dog tongue

A deaf rescue dog is using her long tongue to bring positive attention to shelter animals and animals with disabilities -- and her owner is raising funds through a sock campaign.

Meet Semi, a deaf white boxer:

Semi also happens to have a really long tongue:

Owner Farrah Marx adopted Semi in 2012 from the Inland Valley Humane Society. Marx says Semi has grown into a "happy, fully adapted dog" who just happens to be completely deaf.

"What people don't realize, is you can train a deaf dog," she said.

Marx says adopting Semi has been an incredible learning experience.

"I did a little research on training deaf dogs, but for the most part it was her trust in me and our relationship that made everything work out smoothly," she said. "We use hand signals - we have one for Good job so she is always validated when she does something good, 'no' or 'stop that,', sit, stay, lie down, and shake hands. The biggest obstacle is when she is being stubborn she will just avoid eye contact and look away, stare at the sky so she 'doesn't see your hand signal,' totally intentionally!"

Marx is now working to help spread the word about pets that others deem "unadoptable." Meanwhile, Semi has become a mini-Instagram star.

Marx says she's planning to have the vet measure Semi's tongue to see if she actually has the Guinness record for World's Longest Dog Tongue.

The current record holder is Puggy, a Pekingese with a tongue measuring 4.5 inches.

Semi's mom is also raising funds for shelter dogs through a sock campaign.

Marx tapped into the website Bakdrop which does designer apparel for a cause. Semi's face and tongue are plastered across limited-edition ankle socks for a two-week long campaign.

The last day to buy them is Friday, September 11.

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