Dad confronts man accused of sexting his teen daughter

A California father reportedly learned his teenage daughter was being sexted by an older man and took matters into his own hands by confronting the suspect, capturing it on video and making a citizen's arrest.

Todd Thomas of Clovis, Calif., said he found out his 14-year-old daughter was being sent sexually explicit text messages after finding her sleeping in March 2017 with a cell phone that he did not buy her. Thomas said he took his daughter's phone away from her but the teen just got a new mobile device.

Thomas said he and his wife investigated where the phone came from and allegedly discovered Hugo Rabson, 42, gave the teen the mobile device. The father said his daughter met Rabson through Whisper, an app, where she asked people for a cellphone.

In the messages, Rabson asked the teenager to call him "Master" and "Sugar Daddy," according to court documents. Rabson also asked the girl to send him pictures and videos of herself. He then started sending her messages saying what he wanted to do to her.

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