CSU professor under fire for calling President Trump a white supremacist

A professor at Cal State University Dominguez Hills is under fire for injecting her anti-trump views into a political science course. The political science professor called trump a white supremacist and misogynist.

'If that's how she feels and that's how she wants to express herself that's freedom of speech. That's what I stand for." said 3rd year Cal State University Dominguez Hills student Luis rRvera. He and others coming out in support of Dr. Brooke Mascagni.

The part-time lecturer at CSUDH teaches a political science 101 course that is drawing some criticism.This unofficial syllabus of mascagni's class was brought to the attention of the educational watchdog group campus reform which posted it on its website.

The course is meant to explore how Donald Trump got elected. Part of it calls the president a white supremacist... Misogynist... Narcissistic.... Failed businessman and orange reality star.

"It's important to be neutral and if we're here to educated students then we need to remain unbiased." said graduate student Rocio Zaragosa.

The school is standing by mascagni saying it respects academic freedom and healthy debate on all viewpoints. It went on to say, 'part of an education is exposing students to differing positions and opinions on a topic, in an effort to encourage critical thinking. At all times, students at California State University, Dominguez Hills are encouraged to exercise their right to free speech, free inquiry, and freedom of expression."

Mascagni's course document also states, "The president won the 2016 election by appealing to bigotry and hatred."

Fellow educator Sharon Pittman teaches humanities at CSUDH and tries to keep her own opinions in check.

"You kind of keep that in the background... If you can... If it comes out as your voice... But it's not something you can deliberately impose upon people... They're there to learn how to think." said Pittman.

The school said document leaked to campus reform was not the official syllabus and that it was meant to provoke discussion and not meant to discourage any particular belief. Mascagni was unavailable for comment.