Crisco couldn't keep fans off street poles in Philadelphia, so what's next?

Before the NFC Championship game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Minnesota Vikings, city workers in Philly came up with a creative way to keep fans from climbing on street poles in case the Eagles won: they covered them in Crisco.

The poles were such a big story, a local donut shop even created Crisco pole-themed donuts. But when the Eagles won in dominating fashion, not even Crisco could keep fans from celebrating. Photos taken around the city showed fans scuttling up the the poles in pure jubilitation.

So, if the Eagles manage to win their first Super Bowl, will there be anything the so-called "Crisco Cops" could use to keep Philly fans on the ground?

We came up with a few ideas for how Philadelphia city workers might have better luck next time:

But if the Eagles win it all, there might not be anything that can keep Philadelphia fanatics with two feet on the ground.