Cowboys fan targeted by scammer while searching for tickets to Rams game

With Saturdays matchup between the L.A. Rams and Dallas Cowboys being one of the biggest football games in L.A. history, ticket prices are skyrocketing, and scammers are looking to take advantage.

The cheapest nosebleed tickets on StubHub are going for well over $300, while some tickets near mid field are going for as much as $12,000.

Tickets can be found for much cheaper on Craigslist Los Angeles, but so can scams, as lifelong Cowboys fan Andrew Wojtasiak found out the hard way when he tried to buy tickets to the game through a seller on Craigslist.

"He responded with a section, told me 4 tickets, $800 bucks, said that he could transfer them through eBay so we were both protected," he said. "He said eBay would be sending me a link with an invoice, so I received the link. Said I had to buy 4 $200 eBay gift cards and there was a link to click once you bought the gift card."

The eBay invoice looked legit, but Wojtasiak had a feeling something was off.

"Kind of felt fishy about the whole thing, so called eBay myself directly, asked them if the email was legit because it seemed a little too good to be true," he said. "They said it was a fraudulent email that they don't send out invoices , so unless it was tickets through eBay Directly, that it was fraud, they don't send out invoices before stuff is paid for."

Wojtasiak said he never heard from the scammer again after he confronted him, and he feels like he dodged a bullet.

"People like myself, I mean I'm a big Cowboys fan, never seen them in the playoffs, I know a lot of people are hardworking, trying to get these tickets for their families, for their kids, who have maybe never even seen the Cowboys in the playoffs, the Rams are new to LA, never seen them be in the playoffs, so it's definitely pretty messed up in my opinion," he said.