Costco quietly removes churro from food court menu, replaces it with new sweet treat

It's the end of an era at some Costco food courts across the U.S. 

The beloved fan-favorite churro is no longer on the food court menu at some warehouses, multiple people reported on social media. 

Rumors about the possible discontinuation of the doughy treat first started swirling on Reddit last month.

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"My brother (Costco employee) just told me they were getting rid of the churros at the food court and replacing them with cookies," a user near the Goleta, Calif. warehouse said.

The twisted treats, which were offered for $1.49, have apparently been replaced with 7-inch Double Chocolate Chunk Cookie.

Such was the case at the Costco food court in Los Angeles' Marina del Rey neighborhood, where the menu displayed the new cookies for sale at $2.49 each. 

Costco has swapped out its beloved churro from the food court menu for the new chocolate chip cookie. / FOX 11

The massive Double Chocolate Chunk Cookie is served warm and boasts an all-butter recipe with a mix of bittersweet and sweet chocolate chunks. It clocks in at a whopping 750 calories.

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"I can not resist a big hot gooey cookie so it was a thumbs up from me, but the churro was like $1.50 quick fun "why not" things to get; this cookie costs more and feels way more rich descent into deep sin," one person wrote about the cookie on X, formerly known as Twitter. 

"REPLACED? Can they not coexist???" another commented. 

"Had one last week. They're fine, but more than the cost of a slice of pizza I wouldn't get it again," another person said. 

(If you're looking for a more in-depth review of the new cookie, Reddit has you covered.) 

Some lucky social media users even shared their local Costco food courts carried both the cookie and churro. 

Sam's Club, one of Costco's biggest competitors, offers both pretzels and churros in their cafés. 

FOX Business contributed to this report.