Compton family pitches in to repair potholes

One Compton family is fed up with all the busted tires and broken axles resulting from his neighbors driving through all the potholes on their street. Instead of waiting for the city to fill them, Victor Avila did something about it.

He grabbed a wheelbarrow, some shovels, and started filling in some of the holes with gravel in front of Roosevelt Elementary School located on N. Bradfield Avenue. He was helped by his two sons, Ismael and Ivan, and videos of the family in action were posted on Facebook by their mother, Mayra Gomez.

After Avila and his sons filled the holes, he packed and smoothed out the gravel with the tires on his pickup truck. He said that he was just trying to help out the neighborhood so one's tires or wheels get damaged.

Residents in Compton narrowly passed Measure P - Sales Tax Initiative back in 2016, which would add a one percent sales tax to fund repairing local streets, sidewalks and enhancing pedestrian street lighting, as well as funding more public safety personnel. But, the funds have fallen short of the $100 million that the mayor's office has estimated.