Commuter cash! Lyft wants you to get paid during your drive

If you live in Los Angeles, you've probably experienced it: traffic, killing your time.

Everyone's looking to beat the traffic but people like Jimmy Thompson have figured out the secret. He's using his commute to make some extra money.

Thompson is one of the many LA commuters now using "driver destination" or functions like it.. from ride share companies.

It's an effort to recruit new drivers who are ALREADY on the road, making their way to work anyway.

In fact LYFT says people commuting to work are earning up to 400 bucks a month, just to commute the same direction they were ALREADY going.

Jimmy says the rides more than pay for the gas and wear and tear on his car.

While picking up passengers he even met a future client.

"I had an old lady who was selling her house, and she said, hey, i'm going to use you as my realtor," said Thompson.

Jimmy's typical passenger is picked up and dropped off within a short distance of his commute.

People like Andrew Sinclair.

"It makes me feel like i'm not a burden. That they're not coming out of their way to come grab me. That i'm just part of what they're doing already," says Sinclair.

And what Jimmy's doing, means more money in his pocket, and fewer cars on the road.

"It reduces traffic because I'm going there anyways. And there's one less Lyft that has to be on the road," said Thompson.

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