Community upset as Weddington Golf and Tennis facility closes

It's hard to describe it unless you’ve been there, but people who’ve spent countless hours at the Studio City Weddington Golf and Tennis facility get it. It’s a feeling, a vibe, tough to reproduce anywhere else. 

Opened in the 50s, the 16-acre golf, tennis, and community center is the heart of Studio City. Years ago, the family that owns Weddington sold it to the private school, Harvard Westlake. Closing time is finally here, and it is in the process of being redeveloped into a sports complex to supplement the school's existing facilities.

Harvard Westlake promises the facility will remain an asset to the community, with soccer fields, a pool, a gym park that will be open to the public. They said the facilities could be used when the school isn’t using them.

But not everyone is happy with this "low impact" alternative the school is touting… saying that the city should have done more to try to buy this property and preserve it as it is a historical landmark. Those who formed an opposition group called, Save Weddington, say the schools' political influence unfairly tilted the approval process in its favor.