Community members remember the victims of deadly San Fernando Valley shooting rampage

We're learning more about the family of the suspected shooter, Gerry Dean Zaragoza. The family managed a small apartment complex in Canoga Park. The shooting left the residents numb and in shock.

Edit Farias, a resident at the complex managed by the Zaragoza family, said the couple and their two adult sons were always friendly to tenants and each other. Now, Farias, like other tenants, are asking what caused 26-year-old Gerry Dean Zaragoza to bring harm to his family as well as several others in a shooting rampage through the San Fernando Valley.


Early Thursday morning, Los Angeles police say Zaragoza shot his 50-year-old father Carlos, younger brother, and mother who tenants call "Blanca." The father and youngest son died. The mother was taken to the hospital and is said to be recovering from a gunshot wound to the arm.

Employees at America Carpet Cleaning and Restoration were devastated at the news their longtime employee Carlos was killed. His boss, Michael Ramia, told FOX 11 he knew there were problems with the oldest son.

"His son was crazy. He didn't want to do anything. Just wanted money," said Ramia. "He wasn't afraid of him but I think he was cautious around him."

Gerry Zaragoza's rampage continued a few hours later to a Shell Gas station near Owensmouth and Vineland in North Hollywood where police say he shot and killed his ex-girlfriend and critically injured another employee at the gas station. Employees there are in mourning and did not want to talk about the incident at this time.

Police say Zaragoza then gunned down a man on a Metro bus before being captured about seven miles away.

The bloody day has left people at the Canoga Park apartment complex confused and deep in prayer for their apartment manager.