Community meeting held to address recent deadly shooting at Malibu Creek State Park

A public meeting was held on Sunday to give residents in Calabasas a chance to hear from law enforcement agencies responsible for a state park that is at the center of a deadly shooting investigation.

State Senator Henry Stern moderates a conversation with personnel from the Lost Hills Sheriff Station, California Highway Patrol, California State Parks, the Mountain Recreation and Conservation Authority and the National Park Service.

Law enforcement addressed the $30,000 reward being offering for information leading to an arrest in the June 22 shooting of Tristan Beaudette. The husband and father was in his camping tent when he shot in head in front of the 2 and 4-year-old daughters.

Homicide detectives said the motive for the shooting of the 35-year-old wasn't known, but a spate of shootings occurred in the area in 2016 and 2017, including a man hit by birdshot from a shotgun while sleeping and two cars hit
by gunfire.

Lieutenant James Royal with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Law said at the meeting it had investigated the incidents as if they were connected, but had not found any evidence proving they were.

"Agencies and individuals are talking to one another is always a good thing," said Lance Simmens who attended the meeting.

"I think, unfortunately, people's anxiety is exasperated by the fact that they just don't have the answers yet."

Lt. Royal added that an effort was being pushed in Sacramento to add more park rangers to Malibu Creek State Park.

This was an idea that made resident, Cece Woods was pleased to hear about.

"We need more law enforcement period. We need more rangers, we need more sheriff's, we need more people out here," Woods continued.

"With the amount of people that travel through the canyons, through the state parks, the PCH, definitely need more coverage for sure."