Clinton leads in delegate race for Democratic nomination

Bernie Sanders will win at least 13 of the Democratic delegates in New Hampshire and Hillary Clinton will win at least nine. Two delegates haven't yet been allocated.

In the overall race for delegates, Clinton has 394, thanks in large part to endorsements from superdelegates -- party officials who can support the candidate of their choice.

Sanders has 44 delegates.

It takes 2,382 delegates to win the Democratic nomination for president.

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How did Bernie Sanders do it in New Hampshire?

According to exit polls, he won the Democratic presidential primary Tuesday by getting a majority of votes from both men and women, independents and voters under 45.

Independents make up nearly 4 in 10 voters in the primary, and Sanders is winning nearly three-quarters of their votes.

Gratitude for the Granite State -- that's the word from Bernie Sanders.

After his New Hampshire victory, the Vermont senator has thanked his supporters with this tweet: "When we stand together, we win. Thank you, New Hampshire!"

Sanders' victory in New Hampshire means he's assured of a majority of the state's pledged delegates.

A lot has changed for Bernie Sanders as he's risen in primary polls -- starting with his ability to take a walk.

The Vermont senator was all but ignored by the media for more than a quarter century in Congress. But on Tuesday the Democratic presidential candidate found himself swarmed by dozens of reporters as he strolled around the state capital.

"If we have a large voter turnout I think we're going to do just fine," he told the press.

Sanders stands to gain at least 13 of the 24 delegates.

Exit polling in New Hampshire shows that Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders won the support of about 9 in 10 voters who thought honesty was important.

One of the questions asked of voters was which of the two candidates -- Sanders or Hillary Clinton -- is honest and trustworthy.

Half said they think only Sanders is, while about 40 percent said they both are. Few said only Clinton is.

Nearly all of those who said only Sanders is honest and trustworthy said he got their vote.

Now that he's won in New Hampshire, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders plans to meet with Rev. Al Sharpton over breakfast in New York City on Wednesday.

That's according to two people who were briefed on the meeting. They are telling The Associated Press that the get-together is set for the famed Sylvia's Restaurant in Harlem.

They spoke on condition of anonymity because the information had not yet been publicly released.

Sharpton isn't immediately responding to a request for comment.

Hillary Clinton will receive at least seven delegates after Tuesday's vote.

Hillary Clinton is congratulating Bernie Sanders on his New Hampshire win on Tuesday night.

But for the former secretary of state, it's time to get back to the issues: campaign finance reform, equal pay for women, the lead-tainted drinking water in Flint, Michigan.

Clinton also wants younger voters to support her campaign as the race goes on.

She says she knows she has "some work to do particularly with young people."

The fight goes on for Hillary Clinton.

Even after losing to Bernie Sanders in the Democratic presidential primary in New Hampshire on Tuesday, Clinton is promising to take her fight for the nomination to the rest of the country.

And if she feels spurned by New Hampshire voters, she's not showing it to supporters in Hooksett, New Hampshire.

She tells them: "I still love New Hampshire, and I always will."

According to exit polls, Hillary Clinton is backed by a majority of voters aged 65 and older and those with incomes over $200,000.

Clinton remains ahead in the overall delegate count due to support from superdelegates -- the party officials who can support the candidate of their choice.

Including superdelegates nationwide, Clinton has amassed at least 392 delegates and Sanders at least 42.

Clinton is starting her day before 7 a.m. at a Manchester polling location. She shook hands and posed for photographs with a group of volunteers & supporters.

One of Hillary Clinton's morning stops put her face-to-face with Frank Fiorina, the husband of Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina.

Clinton and Fiorina greeted each other at a middle school in Derry, New Hampshire that serves as a polling site.

Clinton asked Fiorina, "Isn't it amazing?"

Fiorina joked that he's not crazy about the snow but the people who come to the polls are "amazing."

Clinton added, "Give my best to Carly."