The world has not forgotten the women dumped outside of two LA hospitals

Since November 2021, Jan Cilliers has been living a nightmare. 

He’s worked to solve the haunting mystery of how his young, beautiful wife Christy Giles and her good friend could’ve gone out for a night on the town and never returned home. On November 13, Christy’s lifeless body was dumped at a Culver City hospital by two masked men, driving a car without plates after a night of partying in the Los Angeles area. Several hours later her architect friend, Hilda Marcela Cabrales-Arzola — who was with Christy that night — was dumped at an LA hospital, effectively brain dead. Christy was dead on arrival. Marcela died several days later after her family took her off life support. A third woman in the party-hopping group left the party early, and escaped without harm. 

Monday, the coroner’s report confirmed Cilliers’ nagging hunch. It ruled the women’s deaths homicides. 24-year-old Giles died due to multiple drug intoxication. The drugs in her system included a lethal mix of cocaine, fentanyl and GHB (commonly referred to as the date rape drug). Arzola died from multiple organ failure and multiple drug intoxication. The report found the drugs in her system included cocaine and ecstasy. 

Christy Giles (left) and Hilda Marcela Cabrales-Arzola (right) / FOX 11 photo


At Cilliers’ Marina del Rey home FOX 11 spoke to Cilliers. He expressed "a little bit of relief that what we’ve been trying to tell people is confirmed, and sadness that everything is confirmed. " In his home, a shrine of sorts, in memory to Christy. There were numerous pictures of the photogenic 24 year old model smiling, feather designs and white candles. Cilliers described Christy as a " free spirit" telling us the couple planned to start a family. 

But that dream ended in the cruelest of ways last November. Three men were arrested in connection with the deaths of the women in December. The LAPD announced the arrest of 40-year-old David Pearce who was charged with manslaughter. Two other men charged as accessories to manslaughter. The other two were released. Pearce remains behind bars. Two days after his arrest, four women came forward alleging he had drugged and raped them between 2010 and 2020. 

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It’s unclear at the time of publishing this article, but it appears so far the DA has not formally charged Pearce in the deaths of Giles and Arzola. 

Criminal attorney Josh Ritter said "I’m hoping this will change the way the DA handles it. I hope the DA adds murder charges, that this is enough to bring these charges in front of a jury."

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