Chips Ahoy! is changing its original cookie recipe

FILE - Mondelez International Inc. Nabisco Chips Ahoy brand cookies sit on a supermarket shelf in Princeton, Illinois, U.S., on Wednesday, April 1, 2015. Photographer: Daniel Acker/Bloomberg via Getty Images

A popular chocolate chip cookie is getting an update to its original recipe and could taste different. 

Mondelēz International, the maker of Chips Ahoy!, announced this week that it's giving "the biggest update" to the cookie recipe in nearly a decade.

The new recipe for original Chips Ahoy! cookies features a new chocolate chip, which has "a higher cacao content and a higher concentrate Madagascar vanilla extract resulting in a well-rounded chocolate flavor while reducing bitterness."

The brand also touted a "richer cookie flavor" that fans can expect, in addition to a new mixing process to create a better cookie texture, and new package design with updates to the logo. 

The updated Chips Ahoy! cookies will begin hitting store shelves in March and be available nationwide beginning in April, the company said.

As part of the launch, fans can also enter to win a "Chips Ahoy! MMMproved Getaway Sweepstakes" which comes with an all-expenses paid weekend stay at a luxury beach house in Malibu. To enter, fans should follow Chips Ahoy! cookies on Instagram or Facebook, commenting on the pinned post on the brand's Instagram feed and Facebook page.

Mondelēz International, headquartered in Chicago, is also the food giant behind brands like Oreo, Ritz, Clif Bar, Cadbury and Tate's Bake Shop.

Chips Ahoy! was introduced in 1963 by Nabisco, formerly the National Biscuit Company. Mondelēz International acquired Nabisco in 2000 for $18.9 billion, according to FOX Business

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Chips Ahoy! cookies are manufactured at its Chicago bakery, where Nutter Butter, Barnum Animal Crackers, Wheat Thins and Cheese Nips are also made, according to Mondelēz International.

This story was reported from Cincinnati. FOX Business contributed.