Check out this giant burger, complete with a 24 carat gold bun

From the UK to Dubai, British food company The Roadery is serving up a sumptuous burger with a difference.

Stacked with five meat patties, the burger is adorned with a 24 carat gold bun topping and has been named the 'Burg Khalifa' inspiredby the world's tallest building, Dubai's very own Burj Khalifa.

"It's a great city to be part of, there's so much going on and things like that; and kind of in honor of the Burj Khalifa there, we've actually done our very own Burg Khalifa which is kind of extravagant and opulent and beautiful culinary experience. So it's got four layers of really lovely Wagyu beef, so the kind of prime cut. It's also got a 24 carat gold topped bun. There's a little bit of fantastic foie gras in there; ethically sourced because one of our main ethos is sourcing local, ethical and kind of sustainable ingredients. We want to make sure that we're using fresh seasonal flavors,'' said The Roadery chef Peter May.

The burger also comes with a whopping price tag a mouth watering, 230AED, the equivalent of 62 U.S dollars.

The luxury burger was made as part of the food truck festival Eat the World DXB, bringing together cuisines from around the world.

Local media reported that Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohamed bin Rashid al-Maktoum, Dubai's Crown Prince was seen at the Burj Khalifa park visiting the Food truck festival.

The Roadery also showed a picture on their Instagram page of Sheikh Hamdan Maktoum 'tucking into' their Dubai inspired burger.

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