Charlotte couple has beach wedding despite severe storms

Judy had always dreamed of a beach wedding. She wasn't about to let historic levels of rain stand in her way.

John and Judy Joye, from Charlotte, married on Tybee Island, near the coast of Savannah, GA. Hurricane Joaquin was storming in the Atlantic ocean, and major storms were pouring rain on the Carolinas. Even with the terrible forecast, the couple decided to carry on with their dream beach wedding.

After dating for four years, the couple began planning their wedding about a year ago. John said they knew the risk of a beach wedding meant they could run into bad weather, but they decided not to let the rain stand in their way. They agreed as long as there was no lightning, and they didn't have to battle hurricane Joaquin head on, they'd continue with the outdoor wedding.

The groomsmen had to dig trenches to keep the wedding decorations in place. They didn't anticipate a storm surge though, so the guys had to grab shovels and dig mid-ceremony. The entire wedding party dealt with winds topping 35 mph.

"Not one single person complained about standing on the beach in the rain," Judy Joye said. John simply said his friends are "the best."