CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Angry customer attacks taco vendor in South Los Angeles

An angry customer attacked a street food vendor and the brazen violence was all caught on camera. 

Video shows a woman dumping food from containers then hitting an employee.  

The incident happened Saturday at South Tacos on the intersection of Normandy and Slauson, about two blocks from the Slauson Super Mall in South Los Angeles.

Employees tell FOX 11 that the woman, identified as 30-year-old India Duerson, bought a burrito earlier in the day, came back demanding another plate, saying she didn’t like the burrito.

Employees said no problem; they told Duerson to bring back the burrito, and they’ll give her something else. But the burrito was gone... so employees told her to pay for another plate. That’s when Duerson got angry.  

"She was angry, she started following me then she hit me," said employee Bertha Zuniga. 

Zuniga adds Duerson hit her on the head. After the attack, Duerson fixed herself a burrito and then proceeded to spit all over the food on the table.

"I removed all the knives and everything that was dangerous, so she wouldn't hurt my coworkers," said employee Juan Carlos Cervantes. 

Employees then say Duerson prepared her own meal and before leaving she spit on all the food on the table. 

LAPD officers arrived at the taco stand and spoke with Bertha, telling her that Duerson had been taken into custody.  

A GoFundMe account for Bertha has since raised over $6,500, surpassing its $2,500 goal.

LAPD say Duerson was booked for felony robbery and is being held on $60,000 bail.