Cat attack leads to woman being run over by car

A bizarre incident with a stray cat left a Florida woman in the hospital.

According to the Florida Highway Patrol, a feral cat startled a woman as she got into her car on Friday evening in Cocoa.

"One of the neighborhood cats jumped in the car and either bit her or scratched her -- one of the two. She became distracted and fell out of the vehicle and was struck by her own vehicle," said FHP Trooper Channing Taylor.

The car rolled out of her driveway and across the street. The woman was then taken to the hospital by helicopter.

"When the ambulance picked her up she was screaming," explained Mary Blackmon, who lives across the street from the victim. "You could see, look like tire prints on her stomach."

Blackmon said there are a lot of wild cats in the neighborhood. Family members said the woman is going to be okay, and that's news Blackmon is happy to hear, after seeing how badly her neighbor was hurt.

Troopers have not told us the extent of the victim's injuries.