Campaign to recall Gascón reaches 200,000 signatures

The effort to recall Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón has reached a new milestone.

Campaign organizers announced Thursday the effort has collected over 200,000 signatures and raised $4 million.

In order to make it on the November 2022 ballot, recall organizers need to collect a total of 566,857 signatures by July 6 from registered voters in Los Angeles County. 

The 200,000 signatures show a notable increase from the 125,000 the campaign announced two weeks ago. 

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The campaign also announced several new tools for volunteer participation, including "The Recall DA George Gascón" app and a Permanent Signing Locations and Events Calendar.

Over 33 cities in Los Angeles County have issued votes of no confidence in Gascón.

An "Accountability Campaign" has also been launched online, which includes a complete list of major donors and politicians who support Gascón. Voters can fill out a contact form to send a message to their local elected officials urging them to endorse the recall.  

For more information on the recall campaign, click or tap here.

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