California wildfires causing poor air quality throughout the area

When you ask people to describe the kind of air quality we are having this week you hear words like “unhealthy,” “sad,” and “horrible”.

To Glory Dolphin Hammes, “The air is pretty poor.” Hammes is the CEO of IQAir. It's a private company that monitors air quality for corporations and homes. Just like the South Coast Air Quality Management District they have a smart phone app designed to help you know how the air quality is wherever you happen to be. 

“It’s important that people use an app to look at your air quality on a daily basis; even multiple times a day because they forecasts do change," Hammes said.

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And, to Dr. Victor Waters, the idea of understanding the air around you is important. He says our unhealthy air has small particles that he says are toxic to our lungs.

Waters is the Chief Medical Director for at Dignity Health St. Bernardines Medical Center. He says they are getting a lot of people coming to their ER from issues related to the unhealthy air.

One who would understand is Felicia Rodriguez. She has asthma. 

“Right now I’m have wheezing and everything so it's really hard… just breathing and talking," Rodriguez said. 

Doctors say on bad air days its’ best to stay indoors if possible.