California's mosquito population could explode this summer: Here's why

Experts said the recent storms across Southern California could lead to an unexpected problem — an increase in the mosquito populations.

This comes after more than a dozen atmospheric rivers dumped multiple feet of rain on the region in recent weeks. 

Now, with the warm weather returning, this could cause a boom in the mosquito population. 

Rains filled reservoirs, drenched dry hillsides, and left standing water in unmaintained pools and containers, creating the ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes. 

Officials advise residents be vigilant with standing water - even an amount small enough to fill a bottle cap is enough for mosquitoes to breed. 

Residents are advised to be aware of all standing water sources, and dump and drain them.

As the mosquito season approaches, officials also advise people use approved insect repellents and wear loose-fitting, long-sleeved clothing to protect against mosquito bites and illnesses.

While there may be an increase in mosquitoes, officials said they do not expect a surge in West Nile virus cases.